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willabeth_union's Journal

Defenders Of The Willabeth Love Story
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Hello and welcome to the Defenders Of The Willabeth love Story (DOTWLS)!

This is the place for all the loyal Willabeths to indulge in their love of this romantic and beautiful parings. I felt that seeing as how the Sparraneths had a comm. of their own we should have a place of our own too!

Things you can post/talk about? Anything that involves Wilabeth. Discussions of the movies (as pertaining to our fave couple), speculations, spoilers for AWE (Make sure to put those UNDER A CUT and to post SPOILER WARNINGS in the subject line), fanfics (they can have other parings but must be Willabeth at heart), icons, vids, pics, photo manips, etc.

Now, two things I ask of you:
One, stay on topic (at least 99 percent of the time)
Two, lets keep a positive attitude in here so we all can have fun (so Sparrabeths – don’t even THINK about it).

Spread the (Willabeth) love!